Ages 10-14

Instructor: Joshua Stuck

Wilderness Seekers Adolescent Course
(Ages 10-14)

I would love the opportunity to bring my program to your next event. It is a 2-hour youth program where I teach up to 25 youth some of the outdoor skills featured in the world’s best outdoor themed books.  They’ll learn how to make a Survival Shelter like in Hatchet, how to make a survival trap like Katniss from The Hunger Games, how to tie Buck’s # 1 Call of the Wild Rescue Knot, and so much more.  They even get items during the course to start building their own outdoor survival kit.  

  • Time: 2 Hours
  • Limit: 25 Students
  • Program Fee: $200

Age range 10-14 years old. I bring everything needed for the 2-hour course. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have via email or my contact info below.

NOTE: My fees cover a 50 mile radius from Crivitz, Wisconsin where I live. If you would like me to travel further I am happy to do that, but I would add $25 for each additional 50 miles to cover the extra driving expenses.

What Students Will Learn:

Outdoor Survival Skills

2 hours of jam packed outdoor skills instruction. This course starts with a basic discussion of a few very popular outdoor themed books and then quickly moves to learning Outdoor & Survival Skills Hands-On. Students will build a primitive survival shelter, learn how to signal for rescue, create trail markers, and learn how to catch food! We will also be looking at wild resources such as stone tools and bones. The program will end with students learning
about Natural Cordage. Each student will receive a small kit with survival items to use throughout the program. They can take these home with them.

Recommended Reading:

Call Of The Wild by Jack London

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

My Side Of The Mountain by Jean Craighead George

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Island Of The Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell

The Sign Of The Beaver by Elizabeth George Spear

A Week In The Woods by Andrew Clements

Course Highlights

hatchet's survival shelter

Learn how to build a warm and
waterproof shelter from the
natural materials around you!
Great opportunity for students to take a photo inside of a shelter they built!


Students will each make a
survival fish trap from a plastic
water bottle to take home with them. They will learn that one person’s trash could be another person’s treasure!

Sign of the beaver trail markers

Just like Matt learned from Attean, in this module, students
will learn the importance of trail
markers and how to make them
if lost in the woods!

Buck's Survival Rescue Knot:

When John Thornton falls into
a wild river, Buck jumps in and
heroically saves him. Students
will learn how to tie the world’s
# 1 Survival Rescue Knot – the Bowline!

Natural Cordage

In Sign of the Beaver, Matt learns to use natural materials to make cordage. Before modern cordage indigenous people used natural fibers to make rope sourced from plants, trees bark, and animal hides.

Sam Gribley's Survival Tools

While surviving in the mountains of Canada, Sam Gribley used many different wild resources as tools and resources. Learn how Sam and first peoples made tools from natural resources like shells, rocks, and fur!

Survival Whistle

After hearing his teacher Mr. Maxwell calling out to him, Mark tries to use his whistle to get his teachers attention. Students will learn how to make a cavity whistle by using a water bottle cap.

Survival Kit

      Each student will receive a small starter kit with a number of different survival items to use throughout the program. They can take these home with them and use it to help jump start making their very own          survival kit.

Survival Rescue Signal

When Brian’s plane crashed in the wilderness he had to survive on his own. Several times he spotted rescue planes but could not get their attention. Students will learn how to use the SUN to get the attention of a rescue crew.