We were thrilled to host Call of the Wild at our library: it was highly anticipated by both kids and parents! Josh is very personable and covers a wide range of topics during the program. Kids were engaged, attentive, and had a ton of fun! We can’t wait to welcome Mr. Stuck back to our library next summer.Rachel Pascoe - Oconto Falls Community Library
The Lena Public Library hosted “Call of the Wild”, Youth Survival program on Saturday, July 15th from 10am – Noon. Our attendees were absolutely enthralled by survival instructor Stuck and learned real-world applicable skills. Lena is a very rural community and most of our attendees were not new to hunting/fishing/survival, but they were blown away by the lessons taught during Call of the Wild. Parents were amazed at how Instructor Stuck kept the children’s attention and kept the program moving to ensure everyone’s complete attention. Many parents asked about having an adult program as they are also interested in learning more about survival skills.

As a small library with very limited resources and budget, we could not have been more pleased with how the program was presented to our community. This was a program that was definitely worth the cost and brought new patrons to our library.

We are excited to again be partnering with Instructor Stuck for an older teen/adult program this Fall.

Thank you for inspiring our youth and community with survival and safety lessons!April de la Ruelle - Lena Public Library