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Learn About The Outdoors, Survival Techniques, And How To Nurture Family Bonds That Go Above & Beyond.

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Outdoor explorers Youth Course

(Ages 5-9)

Private Survival Training (Ages 18+)

Wilderness Seekers Adolescent Course

(Ages 10-14)

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Survival Fire Making Course (Ages 14+)



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Goal: Reach & teach life skills

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Course Highlights

Survival Kit

Every student will receive their own beginning survival kit to get them started and keep them safe.

Survival Fish Trap

Like Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games), learn to use a plastic water bottle to make a fish trap!

Trail Markers

Hansel & Gretel’s breadcrumb trail markers were eaten by birds. Learn how to avoid this mistake!

Rescue Signals

When Brian’s (Hatchet) plane crashed, he had to survive on his own. Learn how he could have used the SUN to save himself.

Survival Tools

While surviving in the Canadian wilderness, Sam Gribley used many different wild resources as tools to get things done.

Hatchet to Shelter

Learn how to build a warm and waterproof shelter from the natural materials around you!


I spent time with Joshua learning about his passions and loved every minute of it.

Romy Blystone

Special Education Teacher